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I want cuddly piggies again! 
17th-Aug-2008 02:26 pm
I have two male piggies about 2 years old.  I was able to spend a ton of time with them when I first got them.  About 8 months in my dog became very ill and I spent most of my time with her since she was only going to live a few more months.  In the 6 months or so that I wasn't picking them up or petting them they have become quite aggressive.  I've been slowly getting them to let me pet them on the top of their head but only when they know I have a treat in the other hand.  Does anyone have some suggestions for making them cuddly again?  
17th-Aug-2008 09:00 pm (UTC)
In what way are they aggressive? I also have two male guinea pigs that belong to my son. As kids do, he sort of lost interest in them, and they only get held about twice a week now, when I clean their cage. I will pet and hold them for just a minute or two as I am moving them. However, they are still very easy to hold and play with and not aggressive in any way, so I am wondering what your guys do, and why they would change so much. My guinea pigs also are very passive when being held (although they do have to be chased a small bit to pick them up at first) and I can't imagine one of them trying to escape or be aggressive, they just sort of hang out with you. Do you put your hand under their butt and hold them against your body so that they feel safe? I know when one of the kids picks them up and doesn't support them, then they get squirmy and try to get away....

As far as what to do with them, I am not an expert, but I am thinking just start to gradually start to reintroduce yourself to them, as you are doing, and after a long time they will probably come back around.
17th-Aug-2008 11:25 pm (UTC)
When I try to pick them up from their cage the chitter their teeth at me and try to bite my fingers. When I finally catch them they're fine, I'm always super careful about supporting them so they don't squirm around or anything. Once they're on me they seem to be ok but the will call out to each other and try to get back to each other. I don't have enough hands to hold them both!
18th-Aug-2008 05:19 am (UTC)
This looks like a good source of info:


It mentions a couple of medical reasons they might be biting, so I think it is imporant to read and think about, and it also tells several ways to get them to stop.
18th-Aug-2008 02:25 pm (UTC)
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