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guineapighealth's Journal

The Guinea Pig Health Community
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Welcome to guineapighealth.

This is a livejournal community primarily for dealing with health issues and concerns with guinea pigs (also known as cavies).

Community Rules

1.) First and foremost, we are pro-rescue and anti-breeding. We will NOT allow questions about breeding and showing. Accidental pregnancy questions are allowed.

2.) We do NOT support buying pets from pet stores. Please read this link for a good explanation of why. We encourage members to seek out rescue guinea pigs. Petfinder is an excellent starting resource.

3.) Please tag your entries so that we can keep a coherent history of each pig's illness. Ideally, each entry should be tagged with your name and your pigs name, and then suspected illnesses. For example, my pigs would be tagged with: kikayume: gizmo, upper respiratory, if my pig Gizmo was having breathing troubles.

4.) Also please realize that many (but not all) health problems can be traced to unreccomended husbandry practices. If you cannot accept constructive criticism of your care for the good of your animals, please refrain from posting.

5.) Please ask the moderator before posting advertisements in this community.

6.) This community is NOT a substitute for vet care. It is a reference source. If members tell you to go to the vet, you NEED to seek vet care for your animal. Most health problems for guinea pigs cannot be treated with "home remedies".

7.) Please post pictures behind an LJ cut. Check the FAQ if you're unsure of how to do this. Also, please put a warning if you've got a particularly "ucky" picture of a medical condition, for those who browse at lunch time. ;)

8.) Deleting comments and posts is prohibited. You get one warning, and then you're banned.

9.) The following are "hot button" topics which may inspire some debate: breeding, pet stores, keeping guinea pigs outside, housing guinea pigs with any other animals besides guinea pigs, keeping guinea pigs alone, cage sizes, and dietary issues. Consider this a warning that there may be debate on the subject, but try to keep it friendly.

Resources for Care and Housing

* GuineaLynx: The "bible" of guinea pig vet care, so to speak. Important health reference and dietary information.

* Cavy Cages: The absolute best caging method for guinea pigs. These cages help to prevent a plethora of problems in guinea pigs.

* Cavy Spirit: Great general information, including social life, safe toys, and detailed information on neutering.

Other Great Guinea Pig Communities

* guinea_pigs: Great community for general questions, guinea pig "chat", and support.

* cavy_lovers: Another great general community.

* cavies: Yet another general GP community.

If there are any problems, questions, suggestions, or concern, please email your moderator, kikayume at kikayume@livejournal.com.